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Termination from Employment


Definition: Termination is when an employee's job ends. Termination can be a voluntary termination of employment by the employee. Voluntary termination includes resignation or retirement.

Involuntary Termination

Employment can also be involuntary - when an employee is terminated by the employer. Employees can be terminated for cause. In that case, an employee is fired or dismissed from their job. Employees can also be laid-off when there is no work available for them. Employees who are laid-off may be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Employment at Will

In some cases, employers don't need a reason to terminate employment. Employment at will means that an employee can be terminated at any time without any reason. It also means that an employee can quit without reason. Employers are not required to provide notice when terminating an at-will employee.

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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about termination from employment, including reasons for getting fired, employee rights when you have been terminated, collecting unemployment, wrongful termination, saying goodbye to co-workers and more.

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Also Known As:

termination from employment, terminated

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