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Employee Rights

Employee rights including your rights when your job is terminated, wages and salary, unemployment eligibility, time off, employee benefits, and other employment rights.
  1. Employment Discrimination
  2. Employment FAQ
  3. Labor Laws
  4. Termination
  5. Workplace Harassment
  6. Workplace Issues

Employee Rights FAQs
List of frequently asked questions about employee rights including employment regulations and labor law which provide protection for job seekers and employees.

Age Discrimination
Suggestions and strategies for handling workplace age discrimination.

Americans with Disablities Act (ADA)
If you are an American with a disability, it's important to be aware of how the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) act impacts applicants for employment.

Breaks From Work
Information on breaks from work, including when employers have to provide employees with lunch and rest breaks.

Bumping Right
Workers earning less than $23,660 per year ($455 per week) are guaranteed overtime protection and are considered non-exempt employees.

Can an Employer Change My Job Description?
Can your employer change your job description after you have been working at the job? In many cases, they can. Here's information on when an employer can change job duties.

Company Drug Testing Policies
Sample company drug testing policy that details how and under what circumstances job applicants and employees may be tested for drug use.

Employee Rights When Your Job is Terminated
It's important to know what your rights as an employee are when you lose your job.

Getting Fired Questions and Answers
Answers for 50+ common questions about getting fired, including employee rights, unemployment, compensation and more frequently asked questions about termination.

Employment Law
Here is information on what you need to know about employment law when you're job searching - wages, background checks, required employment forms, unemployment, and other related information.

Harassment at Work
Information on the types of harassment that can occur at work and what you can do if you are being harassed at work.

Harassment in the Workplace
Here is information on the types of harassment in the workplace and how to handle harrassment issues, including filing an harassment claim, interview advice if you've lost your job, and what to do if you have been fired.

How to Collect Unpaid Wages
What happens when you aren't paid what you are supposed to be? How can you collect unpaid wages that are due you?

How to Handle Getting Fired
Getting fired, unfortunately, can happen to the best of us. It can happen even when it's not your fault. There could be a personality conflict between yourself and your supervisor.

How to Handle a Demotion
How to handle a demotion, including deciding to stay with your current employer, starting a job search and tips for moving on.

How to Handle Working With a Medical Condition
If you, or a family member, has been diagnosed with a medical condition, you are probably concerned about how it will impact your job and how you can handle working when you have health issues. Here's information on working with a medical condition.

Pregnancy and Employment
Overview of pregnancy and employment, including interview advice, when to tell your employer, and what to do if you have been discriminated against.

Loudermill Rights
Loudermill rights are employee rights based on a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1985 (Cleveland Board of Education v. Loudermill).

New York City Unemployment Discrimination Law
Information on the New York City Unemployment Discrimination Law prohibiting discrimination based on a prospective employee's employment status.

Revoked Job Offer
What rights do those whose job offers have been revoked have, what recourse is there, and what happens to signing bonuses or advances once an offer has been rescinded.

Severance Packages
Severance package information including what's included in a severance package, typical severance packages, and when you can negotiate a severance package.

Top Ten Workplace Violations
Information on what employees should be aware of regarding their rights when it comes to vacation and comp time, overtime, commission, minimum wage, and other worker's rights that are regulated by law.

Types of Employee Benefits
There are some employee benefits that are mandated by law, including minimum wage, overtime, leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, unemployment, and worker's compensation and disability. There are other types of employee benefits that employers choose to provide to their employees.

Unemployment Compensation
Information on unemployment compensation, unemployment benefits, unemployment rates, state unemployment offices, extended unemployment benefits, and advice on how to file for unemployment online.

Unlawful Harassment in the Workplace
There are a variety of types of harassment that can occur in the workplace. Workplace harassment, whether it be verbal or physical badgering based on sex, religion, or race, is unlawful and also a form of discrimination.

Virtual Water Cooler Employee Rights
Information on getting fired for posting on Facebook and other online sites. Advice for employees on what you can post on Facebook and other social media sites, along with the issues employers needs to be aware of when creating social media policies.

What Should Not Be Included in a Job Posting
Information on what should not be listed in a job posting or help wanted ad.

Workers' Compensation and Disability Insurance
Are you unable to work because of an injury or illness? If so, you may be eligible to receive workers' compensation or disability benefits.

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