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Employee Benefits Packages

Review Your Employee Benefits Package


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An employee benefits package includes all the benefits provided by an employer. Employers are required by law (federal and state) to provide some types of employee benefits like unemployment, workers compensation and disability.

Other benefits are provided by companies because they feel socially responsible to their employees and opt to offer them more than is required by law. Depending on the company, these benefits may include health insurance, dental insurance, vision care, life insurance, paid vacation leave, personal leave, sick leave, child care, fitness, a retirement plan, and other optional benefits offered to employees and their families.

Review Your Employee Benefits Package

Whether you are job searching, deciding on a job offer, or happily employed, it's important to review what benefit coverage is provided by the company and to decide whether the employee benefit package is one that fully meets your needs. It's also important to take full advantage of what the company provides to employees.

Employee Benefits Questions to Ask

There are employee benefits questions you should ask, to ensure that your overall compensation plan is right for you and for your family. Also ask specific questions based on your needs and on the criteria that are important to you.

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