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Idaho Department of Labor


Idaho Department of Labor:

The Idaho Department of Labor provides unemployment and employment resources for Idaho residents, as well as business and labor information and services. Some services are available online:
Idaho Department of Labor

Idaho Unemployment:

Idaho unemployment services including filing a new claim for unemployment benefits, filing for weekly unemployment benefits, and inquiring about the status of a claim are available on the Idaho Department of Labor web site:
Idaho Unemployment Insurance

ID Dept of Labor: Working in Idaho:

Access the Idaho Job Bank, find your local Idaho Works office or One Stop Career Site and review information on employment law, licensing, safety and health related to ID workers.
Idaho State Department of Labor: Working in ID

Idaho Labor Market Information:

Employment and unemployment data, wage data, employment projections, career information and other labor market information and publications are available via the ID Department of Labor.
Idaho Labor Market Information

Idaho Department of Labor: Business In ID:

Resources for Idaho businesses including placing job orders, unemployment information, workforce development, welfare-to-work, wage and hour laws and other employment information..
Idaho Department of Labor: Business In ID

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