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California Unemployment Benefits


California Unemployment Benefits:

California unemployment services including information on filing a new claim for unemployment benefits, filing for weekly unemployment benefits, and inquiring about the status of a claim are available on the EDD (Employment Development Department) section of the California Department of Labor web site:
California Unemployment Insurance

When To File a California Unemployment Claim:

Your claim should be filed in the first week that you have become totally or partially unemployed. It is important to file right away because your first week is an unpaid waiting week, commonly referred to as the waiting period.

How To File a California Unemployment Claim:

California unemployment claims can be filed online. You may also file a claim by calling the Telephone Claims Center at 1-866-333-4606 - English and Spanish speaking residents. Additional phone lines are available for Chinese and Vietnamese speaking customers. Claims may also be filed by mail or fax.
How to File a CA Unemployment Claim Online

Information Required to File for California Unemployment:

You will need detailed information about yourself and about your previous employer(s) to open an unemployment claim. Have all the information you need ready before you file your claim.
Information Required to File an Unemployment Claim

CA Dept of Labor: CalJOBS:

Access CalJOBS, the California Job Bank, find Job Service Offices and OneStop Career Centers, review employment services and job search assistance, and review information on employment law, licensing, safety and health related to CA workers.
California State Department of Labor: CalJOBS

Employment Development Department (EDD):

Resources for California workers and businesses including placing job orders, unemployment information, workforce development, welfare-to-work, wage and hour laws and other employment information.
California DOL: Employment Development Department (EDD)

California Department of Labor:

The California Department of Labor provides unemployment and employment resources for California residents, as well as business and labor information and services. Some services are available online:
California Department of Labor

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