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Writing a European CV

Tips for Writing a European CV


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European curriculum vitae are similar to US CVs, with the with the exception of the personal information that's included on a CV for European applicants.

International CV expert, Danielle Beauparlant Moser, Career Strategist / Partner, Blended Learning Team LLC, shares her tips on how to write and what to include on a European CV:

How to Write a European CV

  • Use accomplishment oriented bullets that start with an action version and include a result.
  • Start with a Professional Profile (also called a Summary) that highlights the best of what the candidate is offering.
  • Edit content to include those areas of expertise, skills, and knowledge for which the marketplace is looking, not all the details of your history (work, research, fellowships, etc.)

Personal Information to Include On a European CV

  • Marital Status
  • Age
  • Number of children (ages optional)
  • Personal Interests like hobbies
  • All education including high school / secondary school
  • Photos are also recommended (professional headshot is best)

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