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The following is an example of a modified block format cover letter for a resume. With this format, the name, return address, contact information, date, closing and signature are on the right. The remainder of the letter is left justified.

Modified Block Format Cover Letter Example

Your Name 
Your Address 
Your City, State, Zip Code 
Your Phone Number 
Your Email


City, State, Zip Code 

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: 

First Paragraph: Why You Are Writing. Remember to include the name of a mutual contact, if you have one. Be clear and concise regarding your request.

Middle Paragraphs: What You Have to Offer the Company. Convince the readers that they should grant the interview or appointment you requested in the first paragraph. Make connections between your abilities and their needs or your need for information and their ability to provide it. Remember, you are interpreting your resume. Try to support each statement you make with a piece of evidence. Use several shorter paragraphs rather than one large block of text. 

Final Paragraph: How You Will Follow Up. Remember, it is your responsibility to follow-up when possible. State that you will do so and provide the professional courtesy of indicating when (one week's time is typical). You may want to reduce the time between sending out your resume and follow up if you email it or post it online. 


Your Signature 

Your Typed Name

Quick Tip: If you are using this cover letter format, save it as a PDF so the formatting is preserved when the letter is uploaded or emailed.

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