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Best Cool Jobs and How to Find Them


The top cool jobs, what you need to know to find a cool job, and inside information about what it's really like on the job.

Alaska Fishing Jobs

Copyright Scott Coughlin
Scott Coughlin shares information on Alaska fishing jobs, including how to get to Alaska, the type of jobs available, and life on an Alaskan fishing boat.

Climbing Jobs

Copyright Brian Wiggins
Brian Wiggins got bit by the rock climbing bug on a trip to Utah in 2001. It was just playing around on a few boulders, but he couldn't get enough of it.

Culinary Arts Jobs

Copyright Danilo Alfaro
Personal chef and writer Danilo Alfaro is the About.com Guide to Culinary Arts. He shares his expertise on careers in the foodservice industry, restaurant jobs, and life as a personal chef.

Disney Theme Parks Internships

Copyright Brandon De Hoyos
Whether you choose an airborne elephant, a magic carpet or the control center of a space shuttle hurdling towards Mars, there are many ways to make dreams take flight. Brandon De Hoyos, About.com's Guide to IM, served as a Walt Disney World College Program intern and he share advice on how to make your Disney dream come true.

EFL Teaching Jobs

Copyright Kallie Szczepanski
Kallie Szczepanski, the About.com Guide to Asian History, shares her experiences as an EFL teacher and her insight into international teaching jobs.

Emergency Medical Services Jobs

Copyright Melanie Martinez
Rod Brouhard is a paramedic, journalist, educator, advocate for emergency medical service providers and patients, and the About.com Guide to First Aid. Rod shares his experiences as a paramedic and EMT and his insight into emergency medical service jobs.

Equine Jobs

Copyright Moonlite Photo
The speed, the sound of horses thundering down the track, the excitement of winning, the glory of being a Triple Crown winner are all factors that entice would-be jockeys to the race track, or to the other equine jobs available at the race track or working with trainers and horse owners.

Greeting Card Artist Jobs

Copyright Hallmark
Bob Holt is the voice of yoyo and the animator of hoops&yoyo. Mike Adair is the voice of hoops. Bob and Mike graciously shared their stories with me, including how what they do as artists and creators, how they got started, and what it's like working at Hallmark, along with suggestions on finding a job as a greeting card artist.

Indie Music Jobs

Heather McDonald has worked in nearly all aspects of the music industry, from independent record labels to acting as manager and buyer of a record store to tour booking and show promotion. Heather is About.com's Guide to Music Careers.

Jewelry Design Jobs

Copyright Tammy Powley
Tammy Powley is About.com's Guide to Jewelry Making. Tammy shares her expertise on the variety of career opportunities available, ranging from the traditional bench jeweler to the high-end accessories buyer.

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