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Wetfeet.com - WetFeet Career Information


Wetfeet.com Overview:

WetFeet provides profiles of companies, careers, and industries to help job seekers find the right career, industry, company, and job for them.

WetFeet.com Career Information:

Users can use WetFeet.com to get detailed information and resources on employers, careers, and industries.
WetFeet Employer Information

Wetfeet.com Tools:

WetFeet offers articles about trends, markets, major players, and jobs in leading industries.

WetFeet also offers information about requirements, career tracks, the job outlook, and compensation in these careers. Wetfeet also offers its Insider Guide series, "in-depth looks at what it's really like to work in various careers, from accounting to consulting to investment banking to real estate-as well as companies such as JPMorgan and topics, with books on networking, resumes and cover letters" that users purchase.


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