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How to Research Jobs

Find What You Need to Know About a Job or a Company


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Do you have a job interview scheduled with a company you don't know much about? Are you investigating which companies might have employment opportunities? Do you have a job offer that you're not sure about taking? There are traditional ways to investigate companies, like reviewing information on the company web site. However, a job seeker or candidate for employment can get much more information than that by broadening their job research.

Job Research Options

There are more ways to conduct job research today than there were even a few years ago. Blogs, online job networking resources and discussion forums are all ways to find out more about a company or a job. You will be able to find insider information and ask questions, so, you can make educated and informed career decisions.

Company Blogs

Company blogs provide a voice for a company that educates and informs website visitors. There are several good examples of company blogs, like the Google blog, that are supported by the company. They tell potential employees about the company’s culture."

There are also blogs written by employees and ex-employees. They can give you even more insight into issues that the company may, or may not, want to share.

Online Career Networking

Online job searching networking does work. Sites like Monster, Bright Star and a variety of other online career networking websites can help you get in touch with other networkers at specific companies, with college affiliations or in a certain geographic area. In addition, if you're a college graduate, your institute may have an alumni career network you can access.

Join a Discussion

Vault's company specific message boards will help you get the inside scoop on career fields and employers that interest you. You will be able to research a specific job or the company hiring process. For example, on the Vault Morgan Stanley board, you will find discussion on what you can expect to be paid as a financial advisor, what type of background check will be conducted if you're offered the job, along with a variety of other topics relevant to employment with the company.

Professional Associations

If you belong to a professional association, attend a meeting or check the website to see what networking opportunities are available. If you don't, consider joining an association in your field of interest or checking to see what information they may be able to provide to you.

Read, Read, Read

Especially if you're interested in employment close to home, local business newspapers and the business section of your local newspaper are an ideal way to keep up-to-date. Information on new companies and updates on local businesses are published on a regular basis. Most papers have editions that you can read online. If you're interested in a specific company set up a Google News Alert to send you news as soon as it becomes available.

Even though it can be time consuming to research a company or a job opportunity, it's time well spent. Looking for a new job because you didn't have the information you needed to make a good decision and the job didn't work out, is much more time consuming than spending some time upfront researching the job you will be doing and the company you will be working for.

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