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The Best Company to Work For

Best Companies to Work For


The Best Company to Work For
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Is there a best company to work for? Which companies are the best to work for depends on what you're looking for in a potential employer and how you measure success.

Fortune 500 Companies
There are the companies that earn a place on the Fortune 500 list of America's largest corporations. On this list, companies are ranked by revenue. The list is currently topped by Walmart, Exxon, and Chevron follow in close succession.

Then there are the companies Fortune classifies as the 100 Best Companies To Work For.

Best Companies for Growth
Inc.com measures success by growth. The Inc 500 is an annual list of the fastest growing companies. Most of these are small companies with large growth. Small firms are often better positioned to hire during a down market. These firms may have a business plan so compelling that they can succeed despite the overall economic slump or the company may be operating in a rapidly growing niche which is prospering despite a general recession.

Best Companies for Diversity
There are also the companies that best serve specific groups of employees. The top companies for working mothers, according to WorkingMother, include Abbott, IBM, Citi and Fannie Mae. While the top companies for diversity include Kaiser Permanente, Sodexo, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and AT&T.

Company Research
How do you find out more about these companies? How to Conduct Company Research explains how you can find information on most public companies and some private companies. Financial data, annual reports, news articles, information on products and services, and industry trends are all available online.

When reviewing the listings be sure to consider what policies these companies have implemented to make them rated the "best." Keep in mind that many skills are transferable from company to company and between industries as well - you may be qualified for more opportunities than you expect!

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