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Kroger Jobs - Kroger Employment Information


Kroger Jobs:

The Kroger Co. is one of the nation's largest grocery retailers, with stores that include grocery and multi-department stores, convenience stores and mall jewelry stores in many states. The Kroger Co. operates more than 2,500 grocery stores, nearly 800 convenience stores, 400-plus jewelry stores, nearly 500 supermarket fuel centers and 42 manufacturing facilities in 32 states. Kroger employment information including job openings, the employment application, locations, benefits, and how to apply online is available at Kroger.com.
Kroger Career Center

Kroger Application:

The Kroger Co. website allows users to create profiles through the Career Management Account. Users can build online resumes, activate their resume, apply online and track applications, create automatic Job Search Agents that email users when a job listing matches their criteria profile. Once users are registered in the system, they will be able to review and edit their profile at any time, search and view job openings, set up a personal job shopper and express their interest in a position.
Kroger Hourly Store Application
Kroger Distribution Center Jobs
Kroger Career Opportunities

Kroger Benefits:

Kroger offers a comprehensive, competitive employee benefit program and a bonus program based on qualification. Some of the benefits available to full-time employees in salaried positions include Medical Insurance Plans, Dental Insurance Plan, Life, Disability Plans, Retirement Plan, Thrift Plan, Vacations and Holidays, and Long-Term Care Insurance.
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