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Best Part Time Jobs for College Students


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Peer Tutor
Best Part Time Jobs for College Students

Peer Tutor

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There are many tutoring opportunities in a college setting, and it's a good choice for part time work, as you can often choose your own hours.

If your university has an educational resource center, there may be a formal tutoring position you can apply for. Also, colleges with strong athletic programs usually recruit tutors to work with athletes.

How to Land the Job:
If you're especially strong in subjects where tutors are sought out the most (like organic chemistry, calculus, and physics, for example), consider putting out a flyer advertising your services. Or, if you performed particularly well in a class, ask the professor about tutoring opportunities within his or her classes.

Can't find the opportunity to tutor in an academic area in which you're particularly strong? If your college has a large population of international students, consider being a conversational tutor for English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) students working on their English skills.


Off-campus tutoring jobs exist, too. Keep your eye out for positions to tutor middle school or high school students, or to tutor for the SATs and ACTs.

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