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How to Find and Select a Career Coach


How to Find and Select a Career Coach
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When you need help with a job search or exploring career options, a career coach can help you achieve success.

What is a Career Coach?

A career coach is a person who will help you attain your career and employment goals. A career coach, may or may not, be a certified career counselor. In many locations, accreditation is not required to provide career coaching services.

How a Career Coach Can Help:

A career coach can help with identifying and exploring career options, selecting career choices, focusing and targeting a job search, and with helping you through the job search process.

How Much Does a Career Coach Charge:

Expect to pay at least $50/hour for a career coach. Some career coaches will charge up to $150 -$200/hour.

How to Select a Career Coach:

Review the National Career Development Association Guidelines for Selecting a Career Counselor, keeping in mind that the career coach / counselor you select should be qualified and should provide you with information on fees and services.

Where to Find a Career Coach:

Consult the National Career Development Association or other organizations that certify career professionals to locate a qualified career coach. If you're a college graduate check with your career office. Also ask friends, colleagues and relatives for referrals.

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