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How to Find Career Opportunities

Career Advice, Career Research, Career Options, Career Tests


Interested in knowing what career opportunities are available? Here's information on career planning, exploring career options, researching jobs and careers, career assessment tests, changing careers, and where to find the best career opportunities.

Career Networking

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Career and job search networking can help you find employment opportunities and build your career. Here's how to network your way to a new job or career.

Career Planning

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Career planning resources including career change, career choice, career quizzes and test, and career advancement resources from About.com Guide to Career Planning, Dawn Rosenberg McKay.

Career Research

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Research career, job and employment options in a variety of industries and locations. Career research tools for career changers, as well as those just starting to explore career options.

Career Tests

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A career aptitude test can give you an indication of which jobs match your personality and which careers you may have an aptitude for. Here are a variety of online career aptitude tests and assessments that can help you determine what type of job matches your career interests and aptitudes.

Change Careers

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Interested in a new job or career? Follow our Ten Steps to a Successful Career Change to explore career options and choose a new career within or outside your current industry or career field.

Find Employment Opportunities

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Here are all the resources you'll need for a successful online job search including how to write resumes and cover letters, where to look for jobs, how to conduct a job search, the best way to use networking and social media to job search, how to interview successfully and negotiate compensation, and how to research employment related benefits and legal matters.

Manage Your Career

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Apps, tools, widgets, and gadgets to help organize your job search, manage your career, and keep track of your contacts.

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