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Job Search Tips for C-Level Executives

How to Increase your Visibility and Attractiveness to Executive Recruiters


Job Search Tips for C-Level Executives
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When you are job searching it's important, especially when you are seeking an executive level position, to promote your expertise and achieve recognition as a thought leader in your field.

Michael K. Burroughs, President of Executive Integration and Coaching Services for the global executive search firm DHR International, says "Many executives tell themselves that they are too busy succeeding to take time to reflect and share their expertise with others. It is time to reconsider that position. Doing so will set you apart. There are plenty of people who are searching the internet for the sage advice, wisdom and experience of others. Executive recruiters are doing this as well."

He adds, "There are ways you can position yourself to be that sage and in doing so, be more visible and attractive to executive recruiters."

How can you improve your visibility and build a strong online presence? Burroughs shares his advice and tips for increasing your visibility in a crowded job market and standing out as a thought leader in your field.

How to Increase Your Visibility

  • Develop a professional blog (with photo) and post to it at least bi-weekly.
  • Ensure that your blog is connected to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Limit your blog to areas where you clearly are an expert.
  • Write articles for publication in a variety of places, e.g., EzineArticles.com, trade publications.
  • Volunteer to give breakout sessions at professional or industry conferences.
  • Post all of your thought leadership activities to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Ensure your contact information is on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Create short YouTube "mini-lectures" where you can demonstrate your thought leadership.
  • Write a book or an e-book on a subject where you are clearly a thought leader.
  • Ensure that your book is on Amazon.com, Kindle and elsewhere.

If done well, these tactics will make you more accessible and attractive to executive recruiters.

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