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Call Center Interview Question: Describe how you would handle a problem?


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Answers for the call center job interview question "Describe how you would handle a problem you were having with a co-worker."

Sample Answers

  • I try to get along with everyone, and respect their opinions and boundaries. In the past when I have had a problem with someone, I have been able to work it out by talking with them.
  • If I were having a problem with a co-worker, I would try talking to them to see if we could work out our differences. If they weren't open to that, or if the problem remained, I would discuss it with my supervisor.
  • I would first talk to the person and try to figure out what was bothering them. If the problem continued after talking to them, I would bring it to the attention of my supervisor. In my experience, what can't be resolved by talking one on one with the co-worker should be brought to the supervisor right away, before it escalates.

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