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Best Career Advice for 2014

Job Search Tips and Career Advice from the Experts


Are you considering a new job or a career change? Do you need to write interview winning resumes and cover letters? Want to ace your job interviews? Sometimes, it's the big things that help the most. In other cases, it can be a quick tip that will help your application get noticed.

I asked leading career experts for their best advice for job hunting in 2014. Here’s career advice that will help you grow your career, successfully job search, stand out from the job hunting crowd and get hired fast!

Top 25 Job Search Tips

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For 2014, job searching is all about customization and promoting your candidacy for a job. It’s taking an extra step and spending some extra time to ensure your job application materials get noticed. Here are 25 tips that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Best Interview Tips and Tricks

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Knowing about the company, the job and why you’re the best candidate for the job will help you get the job offer. There are also some little tricks and tips that will help make your interview go well. Here's some advice which will help you ace the interview.

Best Cover Letter Writing Tips

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Your cover letter gives you the opportunity to make a match. It's your best chance to say "why you should hire me" and get you into contention for an interview.  Here are tips for writing cover letters that will get your application noticed by hiring managers.

Best Cover Letters and Examples

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Cover letters are all about customization this year. Your cover letter needs to show, at a glance, why you’re a leading candidate for the job. Here's how to write customized cover letters, along with examples of the best cover letters.

Best Resume Writing Tips

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 Your resume doesn't have much time to make a great impression. In fact, you only have seconds to get your resume noticed. Here's how to get your resume into the interview pile instead of the reject pile.

Best Resumes and Examples

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The most critical factor in writing resumes is results. It’s not enough to be qualified for the job. Rather, you need to clearly show the hiring manager why you are qualified. Here's how to connect your resume to the employer's requirements, along with examples of the best resumes.

Top 10 Best Job Sites

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The best sites for finding job listings in 2014 will help you find the most current job openings fast. The search tools are simple and easy to use, and you can query based on the type of job you're looking for, location and more key factors. Here are the top 10 best sites for finding job listings fast.


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