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Employment History Verification


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Definition: Your employment history includes all the companies you have worked for, your job titles, the dates of employment, and the salary earned at each of your jobs. Many employers conduct an employment history verification to confirm that the information you have given them when you applied for a job is accurate.

What is Included in Your Employment History

Your employment history is a detailed list of where and when you worked, the jobs you held and how much you earned.

The employer or the company they hire to verify employment will confirm information such as the places of your previous employment, the dates of employment, your job titles, salary earned at each job, and reasons for leaving.

Employment and Professional References

Typically, the employer will ask you to list one reference for each previous place of employment, and they will contact those references. The company may also ask for other personal or professional references in addition to employment references.

Verifying Employment History

During the job application process, the employer will likely conduct an employment history verification. The employer will confirm that the career information included on your resume and/or job application and list of references is accurate.

The company may check prior to offering you a job or after you have accepted a job offer. If it is afterwards, the offer will be contingent on your employment history matching the information you have provided to the employer.

At a large organization, the human resources or payroll department typically conducts employment verification, but some companies hire third party verification services instead. Employment history verification assures employers that you have all the experience and qualifications listed on your resume.

If a discrepancy is found between the information you provided and the information obtained during the verification process you may be offered an opportunity to explain or the job may not be offered or a job offer withdrawn.

Background Check Information

Also Known As: employment history check, employment history background check, work history verification, work history check

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