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Ask Alison: Do I Have a Case for Unfair Termination?


Ask Alison: Do I Have a Case for Unfair Termination?

Ask About.com job search expert Alison Doyle a question.

Dear Alison: I've been let go after two months at the company. The company has terminated my employment and dismissed the allegations I stated. I would love to hear your advice and if you think I have a case against them.
- Linda

Dear Linda: I wish I could be of help, but I'm not an attorney and you may want to get the advice of one. New York is an employment-at-will state which means that employers don't need a reason to terminate employment. A labor attorney could advise you if you would have cause for action based on the law. If you haven't filed for unemployment yet, I'd do so as soon as possible. Depending on how you were terminated you may be eligible.

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