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Teen Job Interviews - Job Interview Advice for Teens - Job Searching
Teen job interview advice including what to wear, sample job interview questions and answers, and teen interview tips.
Teen Job Interview Questions and Answers
It's important for teen job seekers to prepare for a job interview. One good way to do that is to review the typical interview questions you will most likely be asked.
Interview Tips for Teens - Job Searching - About.com
Interview tips for teens who are job searching or volunteering.
Job Interview Tips for Teens Video
Preparing for a job interview as a teen can be a daunting task. Follow these simple tips to raise your confidence so you can nail the interview and potentially get ...
Teen Job Interview Questions - Job Searching - About.com
Examples of the questions employers typically ask teens during a job interview, and sample answers.
Teen Job Interview Attire - Videos - About.com
What attire you wear to a job interview can either help you stand out and win a position, or destroy your chances of employment altogether. See our tips for what  ...
Teen Job Interview Question: What Are Your Salary Expectations?
When you don't have much work experience, it can be difficult to answer questions about how much you expert to earn. Here are sample answers to the job ...
Teen Interview Attire - What Not to Wear on an ... - Job Searching
It's important that teens applying for jobs dress professionally, to impress their potential employers and convey themselves as mature, responsible, and ready to  ...
Teen Job Interview Question: Why Are You Looking for a Job?
One of the most frequently asked interview questions is why you are looking for a job. Here are sample answers for high school students seeking employment.
Teen Interview Attire - Job Searching - About.com
Applying for a teen part-time or summer, non-professional, job is a little different from applying for a full-time professional position. Dress should be, at the least, ...
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