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Temp Jobs

Temporary Agency Jobs


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Is unemployment running out? Are your cash reserves getting low? Don't want to commit to a permanent position? Consider a temporary job to help pay the bills. Temporary agency positions are available in just about every career field and location. In many cases, you can apply online to the temp agency of your choice.

Temp Job Benefits

In addition to a paycheck, many temporary agencies provide benefits to their workers. Manpower, for example, offers a full benefit package including holidays, medical and dental coverage, life insurance and a 401K plan. Other staffing firms also offer excellent benefit packages. Be sure to inquire what benefits are offered when you apply or when you interview. Also inquire about whether the company pays the cost of the benefits or you do.

Temp jobs can give you experience in industries and careers you might not have otherwise thought of trying - without a long-term commitment. If you are not thrilled with the assignment or the employer, you can move on to your next position and start anew.

Flexible Work Options

Temporary employment also provides the opportunity to work when and where you want to work. Work only during school hours, take the summers off, or take a break to do something else with your life. Either way, if you are a temp it's your choice when you work - and where you work.

If your resume needs a boost, temporary jobs are an ideal way to add skills and experience to your resume, as well to gain experience in the workplace. According to the American Staffing Association more than 90% of staffing companies provide training to their temporary workers and 70% of temps say that they gained new skills during their assignment.

Temp to Perm

A temporary job can become a permanent position. 90% of all companies use temporary employees and 40% of Manpower's millions of workers find permanent employment through their temporary placements each year. This means that even though temping may seem like a step down from permanent employment, it actually can be a step through the door at a company you are interested in working for and a way to get hired permanently.

Temp Job Applications

Applying for a temporary job is quick and easy. At many temporary job agencies, like Manpower and OfficeTeam, job seekers can register, submit a resume and search for jobs online. Visit the Net-Temps web site and you can create a resume by copying and pasting your resume from MS Word. The Build My Resume tool offers a choice of resume templates and walks users through the process of creating a resume. Our directory lists all the major temporary agencies and the American Staffing Association database is searchable by location, skills and type of position.

If you choose temporary work, you will be in good company. Two million people per day are employed by staffing companies. Temporary jobs offer an opportunity to earn income, add skills to your resume while continuing your search for that œperfect position. Your temp job can become your career - over 79% of temps work full-time.

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