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Jobs by Email

How to Use Job Search Agents


PJ Scout

Meet PJ Scout


Meet PJ Scout - your personal job scout. He can help with your job search by sending you email job announcements that match your qualifications. Once you register (it's easy and free), he'll email you detailed job descriptions including "how to apply" information. Satisified subscriber, Dan Kallman, says "If it weren't for P.J. Scout, I would never have found my new job. I'll be working as a Design Engineer for Cessna Aircraft." Another pleased PJ Scout customer, Judi Stultz said "Your service is wonderful and I did find a job using it. I live in Wichita, Kansas and found a job at Willis Corroon as a medical claims analyst trainee. Thank you very much for your help."

Job Search Agents

PJ Scout is one of many job search agent services that will send you job listings. The majority of them require that you register to use the service, but, all the top sites are free. Monster's Job Search Agent will send you job listings that match the profile you set up. Become a Vault.com member and you'll receive job announcements and will be able submit your resume to the database for more opportunities.

You can even have international listings sent to you by JobSite for the United Kingdom and Europe and SEEK for Australian listings.

Supplement Your Job Search

Remember, email job search agents should be used as a tool to supplement your traditional job search (networking, classifieds, jobs databases, informational interviews...) and not replace it. Many people have found jobs using these services, but, it makes sense to pursue as many opportunities as possible using as many venues as you can. Job searching is partly a numbers game - the more resumes you send, the more chance you have of receiving an interview. The more interviews you have, the more chance you have of getting an offer.

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