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Job Searching December 2012 Archive


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How to Keep Your Seasonal Job

Saturday December 29, 2012
Companies that hire seasonal workers often give priority to returning workers, both for full-time positions and for jobs the next year.  I know some people who have had the same ... Read More

2013 Hiring Forecast

Thursday December 27, 2012
CareerBuilder's annual hiring forecast reports that hiring will be up slightly in 2013, with 26% of hiring managers planning to add full-time, permanent employees, up 3% over 2012. "More than 60 ... Read More

The Best Holiday Gift of All

Monday December 24, 2012
If you're job searching, one of the best holiday gifts of all would be a new job.   I've been hearing more job search success stories lately, including Becky, who after ... Read More

Santa's Resume

Monday December 24, 2012
Everyone should have an up-to-date resume.  It's important to have resume that's ready to go even you aren't actively job search. You never know when you might need it for job searching if you lose your ... Read More

Selling Christmas Trees

Friday December 21, 2012
Brent's first job was selling Christmas trees.   He says "Earning tips was fun - hustling to get to the next customer and their vying for their tip became a competitive ... Read More

New Year's Day 2013 Holiday

Wednesday December 12, 2012
This year, the official New Year's Day holiday will be Tuesday, January 1, 2013. Private sector employers may give employees a paid holiday from work on New Year's Day and/or New Year's ... Read More

New Year's Holiday Pay

Wednesday December 12, 2012
This year, official New Year's Day holiday will be Tuesday, January 1, 2013. Private sector employers may provide a paid holiday if the company is closed for the holiday and/or for New ... Read More

Christmas Holiday Pay

Wednesday December 12, 2012
The  official holiday for Christmas Day is Tuesday, December 25. If you work for a company that closes for Christmas Day and/or Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24,  for the holiday your employer is not required ... Read More

Unemployment Extended Benefit Options

Tuesday December 11, 2012
President Obama and Speaker Boehner are continuing to negotiate a fiscal cliff package which may include an extension of federal unemployment benefits which are scheduled to expire on December 29, 2012 if ... Read More

Christmas 2012 Holiday

Sunday December 9, 2012
The Federal Government provides employees with nine paid holidays, including Christmas.   This year, the official Christmas Day holiday will be Tuesday, December 25. Private sector employers may provide holiday pay for Christmas ... Read More

Texting With Recruiters

Friday December 7, 2012
Are you prepared for texting to be part of your job search? How about social media and Skype? A recent survey from SuccessFactors (a subsidiary of SAP) reports that 39% ... Read More

About.com Job Interview Videos

Saturday December 1, 2012
One of the most important parts of job searching is interviewing effectively. Whether you're a teen going on a first interview or an experienced candidate seeking a top level position, ... Read More

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