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Alison Doyle

Getting Fired for No Reason

By February 18, 2014

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I'm asked about getting fired for no reason quite often. Site readers wonder if it's legal to fire someone without a reason and what they can do if they have been fired.

Unfortunately, getting fired without a reason can happen to just about anyone. In many cases, unless there is a contract or bargaining agreement, employees are considered covered under employment at will, which means your employer doesn't need a reason to fire you.

However, an employee can be wrongfully terminated if discrimination is involved in the termination, if public policy is violated, or if company policy states guidelines for termination.

What can you do if you've been fired? Here's how to handle getting fired including your rights, legal issues, unemployment, and job search and interviewing issues when you have a termination on your employment record.

For a personal look at what getting fired can be like, whether it's for a reason or not, take a look at our getting fired stories from those who have been fired and what it has been like for them.

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February 18, 2014 at 5:00 pm
(1) Chantel Cummings says:

I am currently looking for a job after leaving one I held for over 11 years. A new manager was brought in, and she felt I was too associated with the former way of doing things. While she didn’t fire me, she made it clear I wasn’t wanted. Now I find myself having to explain not only why I left this job, but I also have to explain why I was terminated from two jobs over 10 years ago. In both situations, I was not told why I was being fired other than I “didn’t seem happy there anymore.” How do I handle these when applications ask if you have ever been terminated? If I say no reason was given, that sounds phony but it is true. I’m in a quandary and think this may be affecting my ability to find a new job.

February 21, 2014 at 11:49 am
(2) Georgina says:

I am in exactly the same position, I took redundancy at my last job and after a year at my current job they have ‘let me go.’ They have me no reason at all and said they would give me a good reference. Apparently the role is no longer suitable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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