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Alison Doyle

How to Reapply for Your Own Job

By October 18, 2013

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InterviewOne of the toughest ways to apply for a job, because it can be painful, is when you have to reapply for a job that you are already working at. It can be a shock to find yourself in the position of having to reapply for your own job, and it can hurt to discover that you aren't as highly valued by your employer as you thought you were.

Even though your company may have valid (and legal) reasons for starting from scratch and interviewing and rehiring current employees because of restructuring or a merger, it doesn't mean it isn't difficult.

It's especially difficult when there isn't prior notice and a group of employees, an entire department, or even most of the employees at a company are told that they can choose between a layoff and a new job at their present employer if they can get rehired.

What can you do? You may have a choice between a severance package and reapplying. Or, you may simply be laid-off if you opt not to reapply. You may want to consider applying for your old job or a new one, even if you don't plan on staying long term.

Here's advice on how to overcome your feelings of rejection and focus your efforts on reapplying for a job after a merger or restructuring.

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