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Alison Doyle

The Consequences of Lying on Your Resume

By August 2, 2013

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Rejected Job Applicant

I've written quite a bit about lying on your resume and the consequences when you do. What are the consequences? Obviously, it depends on whether you get caught. If you don't, there might not be any.

If the employer does find out, you may not get a job offer or you could get fired from your job. If you're thinking about lying or stretching the truth, keep in mind that your lie(s) may surface at any point in the future and come back to haunt you - even after you may have forgotten what you put on your job application or resume.

It can be almost as bad when you get a call for an interview for your dream job and it's the lie on your resume that may have gotten you the interview. I heard from a job seeker this week who said he had volunteered at an international event. In fact, he said he had worked at similar events here in the US, as well. His resume even included a description of what he had done in each of those roles. It was all made up.

After more than 80 job rejections he now has an interview scheduled for what would be a perfect job. He's also in panic mode because he is terrified that his lies will be discovered. The email I received said not to say that you should have known better. I won't, because it's already cost the job seeker some sleepless nights and we all make mistakes.

As to what to do, there really isn't an easy answer. If it were me, I'd probably withdraw my application. Someone braver (or foolhardy depending on your perspective) might take a chance on the company not conducting an employment background check and not getting caught now and not getting caught later. Another option is to tell the truth, being mindful of the fact that you may lose the interview.

Here's more on the options that are available when you have lied on your resume and are afraid that you will get caught.

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