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Alison Doyle

Worst Job Search Mistakes

By January 13, 2013

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Lose JobI received an email the other day from someone who hadn't had to job search in a long time.  She had read some of my articles and told me she had no idea that she wasn't job searching effectively.

She said she really wasn't aware that networking was important, that she needed an online presence, or that she could find jobs other ways than on the job boards.

She went on to say she didn't know that you could find out a lot of information about companies online - and it was important to take the time to research companies  -  and that it wasn't worth applying to every job that she found posted, whether she was qualified or not.

It's not her fault that she was making mistakes that could hinder her job search. Rather, she didn't have a clue how she could job search more effectively, because she hadn't been in the job market and didn't know how much job searching has changed over the last several years.

On the other hand, there are the things that you would think would be common sense.  Like the person who didn't know that he shouldn't bring a cup of coffee into an interview - or that he should leave his phone turned off and out of sight.   Then there's the person who made me cringe when she told me that she had notified all her LinkedIn contacts that she was probably going to lose her job, so she was looking for a new one.   Of course, it got back to her boss and any chance she had of keeping her job was gone.

What are the worst job search mistakes you can make? Some are major mistakes that can halt your job search before it even gets going. Others are smaller bloopers or blunders that, given a competitive job market, can be enough to knock you out of contention for a job. Be sure to avoid the job search mistakes, so you're in the best position to job search.

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