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Best Resumes 2012


Resume Profile Example

What's the best resume to use this year?  For 2012, resumes with a profile are the ones that are going to make the best impression.  A well written resume profile can show the hiring manager, at  a glance, why you are qualified for the job.

Rather than showing what you want to do when you use a resume objective, a profile shows the company what you can do for them.  Plus, your profile can include resume keywords that will help your application get selected by recruiting management software so you're in contention for an interview. 

When you add a profile to your resume it should be listed at the top of the page, below the header and above the Experience section.

Here are examples of resumes with profile statements:

When you're working on a profile, keep in mind that it's important to write a profile that's a match for the job for which you are applying. Here's information on how to write resume profiles for specific job listings, what to include in your profile, plus examples of profiles to review.

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