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Job Referrals

By January 30, 2012

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A job referral can be the best way to get your resume a close look from the hiring manager.   When you're referred for a position, and you mention it in your cover letter, you've got a built in recommendation for the job in the first paragraph of your cover letter.

It's even better when the person referring you can take a couple of minutes to personally refer you for the job.  Chris Forman, CEO, StartWire, says "Referrals are the #1 source of hires in corporate America.  And for good reason. Research shows that 'referral' hires not only stay longer in their jobs but perform better over the long term. Anytime you can get your application tagged as 'referral', your chances of getting to an interview sky rocket.  And getting this designation is easier than you think... often times a phone call or email to HR or the hiring manager is all it takes."

How do you get a referral? StartWire helps you tap your professional connections.  You can ask your Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections to help you with the job.  When you search for jobs, you can see the connections you have at companies, and then send them a message to see if they can help.

Use SimplyHired.com's Who Do I Know? tool and you can see who you are connected with on LinkedIn and Facebook at companies of interest. Those connections may be glad to give you a referral.

Jibe is a job site that helps you tap your social networking contacts to find a job.  Jibe pulls your Facebook or Linkedin connections' work information from their profiles, allowing you to quickly browse the connections you already have through personal contacts to various companies.

You can also search for contacts who can provide you with a referral directly on LinkedIn.  Search by company name, then click on the company you're interested in. You'll see a list of contacts in your network who may be able to assist.  Here's more on how to ask for a job referral.

Review examples of referral letters for suggestions on asking for a referral, using referrals in your cover letters, and saying thank you for a job referral.

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