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Alison Doyle

Top Interview Mistakes

By August 5, 2011

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One of the worst interview mistakes I ever saw was whenthe candidate was explaining to me why he had been out of work for while. He took off his jacketand started tounbutton his shirt, and I am not making this up,to show me where he was recovering from an injury caused by a boat propeller.

One of the other ones was the person who spent the entire interview talking about how horrible her previous employer andmy company's biggest customer was - after I already told her the company was our client. Then there was the young lady in the shortest, tightest bright red dress I have ever seen. It didn't leave much to the imagination and even though some of our employees were impressed with her attire, the ones who counted weren't.

What's the worst interview mistake you can make?Here are sometop (and frequently made) interview mistakes candidates for employment make including not taking the time to preparing- and not having a clue about your prospective employer, dressing the wrong way, saying the wrong thing, talking too much - or not talking enough.

What do you think isthe worst interview mistake you can make? Add your top interview mistake to our list (and if you were the one who blew the interview, you don't have to admit to it being you!). We all make mistakes, but, at the least, we can learn from it and do better next time around.

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Photo Iryna Kurhan

August 4, 2011 at 7:23 pm
(1) Heather R. Huhman says:

Thanks for yet another fabulous post, Alison! Having just finished a series of interviews for two positions at Come Recommended, I can probably talk for hours about interview mistakes.

Of course some mistakes were innocent or caused by nerves, while others were flat out wrong. As an employer, I want to tell my interviewees that the interview represents so much more than what is said. A successful interview should leave an employer feeling respected, intrigued, and as though they want to continue talking to that candidate.

August 6, 2011 at 5:46 pm
(2) Riz says:

thank you very much, you are absolutely right

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