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Alison Doyle

What's Happening With Unemployment

By November 4, 2010

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Legislation that provides an extension of federal extended unemployment benefits expires on November 30.   Without another extension millions of unemployed workers currently collecting benefits will lose everything other than basic unemployment benefits.  Unless another extension is passed there will be no extended benefits programs in place, except in some cases where those already collecting unemployment can move to the next tier of benefits.

On a related note, hiring isn't improving at the rate that was hoped for and we're moving into the holiday season where hiring typically slows, making it even harder for those who will run out of benefits in November. 

Nationwide job openings increased by 4.4% percent from September, a dip from the 7.7% percent increase seen between August and September. "Hiring decreases significantly in most industries just before the holidays," explained Gautam Godhwani, co-founder and chief executive officer, Simply Hired. "That decrease is being offset by increased seasonal hiring in retail and related industries, resulting in what appears to be limited overall job growth."

Here's an overview of which unemployment benefits are expiring, along with the impact they will have on the unemployed.

What's going to happen with unemployment? I honestly don't know.   Congress is going to be looking at extending the Bush Tax Cuts which also expire this year.  The issue, as I see it, is that both unemployment, which is sorely needed, given the jobless recovery, and extending the tax cuts are very expensive. They'll both add to the deficit and spending, which some in Congress want reduced or frozen.

In addition, it's a lame duck Congress and there are only a few weeks to enact legislation before the holidays, so time is short.

UnemployedWorkers.org is urging Congress to take action to renew and extend these unemployment benefit programs through 2011.  These extended benefits have helped keep nearly 8 million jobless workers and their families going while they look for work in a tough economy. Here's how to sign the Petition to Congress to extend unemployment benefits.

Check with your State Unemployment Office web site for details on your benefits.  Most states have detailed information on eligibility for extended unemployment benefits and will have updates as legislation is considered in Congress.

Stay tuned, I'll post updates as I get them and I'll remain hopeful that this holiday season won't be as grim as I worry it will be for those who are unemployed.

In addition, if you have run out of unemployment or are about to lose your unemployment benefits, here's what to do when unemployment runs out.

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November 4, 2010 at 7:18 am
(1) Bert Miller says:

Really Alison? 99 weeks already of unemployment- the rate was higher in the
late 70′s and into 80′s-my dad worked
two jobs below his skill level and created
some on the side work bed at 300am- up at 6am… We were poor and no one bailed him out. He made itwork…we had food, clothes and we got an education – fast food jobs etc
m to be below some

November 4, 2010 at 7:25 am
(2) Bert miller says:

Cont’d) there are things for some people to do,but would rather collect than work.
I have built a nice biz and now we want people like me to fund these programs. This country gives you opportunity if you work andmake good choices hope exist There has to be balance but 99 weeks-ridiculous. I could out today and find two jobs.. Maybe fast food but work nonetheless.

November 6, 2010 at 2:26 pm
(3) Ginger Lancaster says:

Good for you bert! It was much easier to live back in the old days on very little, but with the high prices today, it’s impossible. Let’s cut some deadbeat welfare recipients off the rolls and extend the unemployment to the people who have actually worked and contributed to the world and now need assistance for awhile until they can get back on their feet. Quit patting yourself on the back until you have walked in the shoes of others.

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