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Alison Doyle

Have You Considered a Cool Job?

By July 21, 2009

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Cool JobsSometimes, especially when the job market is tough, it can make sense to look at alternative jobs and career paths. When you start thinking outside the traditional job search box, you might be surprised at the options that are available.

I just had the pleasure of interviewing Bob Holt and Mike Adair, the creators of Hallmark characters hoops&yoyo. Bob and Mike shared their story of becoming greeting card artists. It's interesting, because they both ended up in creative jobs following traditional job searches - finding job listings through their college and tailoring their portfolios to what they thought Hallmark would like (which is why I mention customizing your applications all the time!).

Brian Wiggins has made a career of climbing, while About.com's Guide to Culinary Arts, Danilo Alfaro is a personal chef as well as a wonderful writer. Scott Coughlin has spent years spent fishing in Alaska. If you've dreamed of being a ski bum, take a look at Mike Doyle, About.com's Skiing Guide's advice on working at a ski resort job, either on and off the slopes. By the way, there are off-season jobs available at ski resorts, too.

If you have always dreamed of doing something different. Now is a good time to give it a try. There are job search sites that list the cool jobs that most of us only dream of having. There are also ways you can change your career (and your life) in order to follow your dreams. Even after writing about job searching and careers for more than a few years, I'm still thrilled to read about how people succeeded at getting a really cool job or at changing their career so they can do something they love for a living, often in ways that we wouldn't imagine.

Also, if you have a cool job, I'm interesting in hearing about it. Here's how to contribute your cool job to our collection.

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July 22, 2009 at 6:02 am
(1) Ravi K says:

Good idea. You can consider other alternate careers as well, makes a lot of sense in this market.

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